Our safety professionals will take precise measurements of your bathroom and install our ADA recommended grab bars, tailoring the rails for your comfortable placement.

What is a shower grab bar?

Grab Bars are used to ensure mobility and safety when exiting and entering a shower or bathtub. Senior Proof only uses ADA Certified stainless-steel grab bars which come in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Our professionals take precise measurements of each bathroom, tailoring the rails for comfortable placement. ADA recommendations state that bars should be 33 to 36 inches above the bathroom floor. However, we also take account of an individual’s weight and height. 

Are shower rails necessary?

The answer is simple: yes. Having proper grab bars and safety seats is imperative for wet areas where slips and falls are most common. Anyone – regardless of age – are at risk of falling, which is why its important to keep have the proper safety tools available.

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